Silver Ravens

Rebellion Stats

Weeks progressed 8

Rank 9

Max Rank 10

Membership 41

Max Teams 5

Supporters 133

Population 11,887

Treasury 16,913

Min. Treasury 90

Notoriety 28

Focus Loyalty(political clout and popularity)



  • 10 (6 Base, 4 Demagogue)


  • 3 (3 Base, 0 Spymaster, 0 Sentinel)


  • 3 (3 Base, 0 Partisan, 0 Sentinel)


  • 3 (3 rank, 0 Strategist)

Available Actions
Change Officer Role(∞)
Dismiss Team(∞)
Guarantee Event(∞)
Lie Low(∞)
Recruit Supporters(∞)
Recruit Team(∞)
Special Action(∞)
Upgrade Team(∞)

Team 1
(Reduce Danger)

Team 2
(Reduce Danger, Rescue Character)

Team 3
(Earn Gold)

Team 4
(Activate Safe House, Secure Cache)

Team 5
(Gather Information)

Fushi Sisters
(Earn Gold, Gather Information)

Torrent Armigers
(Reduce Danger, Rescue Character)

Event Chance

  • 48% (28 Notoriety, 20 Danger)

The Silver Ravens




  • Talia “Wren” Aulorian (+4 Loyalty)
    The officer adds his or her Constitution or Charisma modifier to the rebellion’s Loyalty check.


  • N/A (+0 Security)
    The officer adds his or her Strength or Wisdom modifier to the rebellion’s Security check.



  • N/A (+0 to secondary checks)
    The officer grants a +1 bonus to the rebellion’s two secondary Organization checks, and can aid during all Organization checks attempted to resolve one event during the Event phase. The Sentinel can add her Constitution or Charisma modifier to a Loyalty check, her Strength or Wisdom Modifier to a Security check, or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to a Secrecy check made during this event’s resolution.


  • N/A (+0 Secrecy)
    The officer adds his or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to the rebellion’s Secrecy check.


  • N/A (+0 Action)
    The officer grants the Silver Ravens a bonus rebellion action during the Activity phase. Any Organization check made to resolve the effects of this bonus action gain a +2 bonus on the check.


Team 1

Type: Freedom Fighters (Tier 1 Revolutionaries)

Leader: Morgar Manthai (lvl 4 fighter)

Actions: Reduce Danger

Manager: Octavius

Members: 6 (1 fighter, 5 warriors)

Team 2

Type: Infiltrators (Tier 2 Revolutionaries)

Leader: Forvian Crowe (lvl 4 rogue)

Actions: Reduce Danger, Rescue Character

Manager: Brynd Morningstar

Members: 6 (1 rogue, 3 warriors, 2 experts)

Team 3

Type: Peddlers (Tier 1 Traders)

Leader: Sid Balentin (lvl 4 bard)

Actions: Earn Gold

Manager: Vax

Members: 6 (1 bard, 5 experts)

Team 4

Type: Thieves (Tier 2 Outlaws)

Leader: Alisa Downs (lvl 4 Rogue)

Actions: Activate Safe House, Secure Cache

Manager: Vax

Members: 3 (1 rogue, 2 experts)

Team 5

Type: Street Performers (Tier 1 Advisors)

Leader: Elizabeth Downs (lvl 4 Bard)

Actions: Gather Information

Manager: Cavadore’ aka “Cav”

Members: 6 (1 bard, 5 experts)

Bonus Teams

Fushi Sisters

Leader: Korva Fushi (Tengu rogue(knife master) 4)

Members: Jay, Maggie, and Treep Fushi (Tengu rogue 2)

Actions: Earn Gold, Gather Information

Manager: Brynd Morningstar

Members: 4

Torrent Armigers

Leader: Hortense Lierre (fighter 4)

Members: Benjen Preveu, Ilsani Aberveen, Kasston Auruda (fighter 2)

Actions: Reduce Danger, Rescue Character

Manager: Octavius

Members: 4


  • Rexus Victocora
    As long as Rexus remains an ally of the Silver Ravens, the rebellion’s Notoriety score is reduced by 1 (to a minimum score of 1) at the start of every Upkeep phase.
  • Laria Longroad
    As long as Laria remains an ally of the Silver Ravens, all Loyalty checks to take the Recruit Supporters action gain a +2 bonus.
  • Vendalfek
    If the rebellion does have a team that grants this action, Vendalfek grants a +4 bonus on all Secrecy checks to Spread Disinformation
  • Lictor Octavio Sabinus
    The Hellknight’s advice to the Silver Ravens grants a +4 bonus on all Security checks to take the Rescue Character rebellion action. In addition, as long as Octavio remains an ally of the Silver Ravens, his presence and leadership bolster the rebellion’s morale— the rebellion is immune to the Low Morale event as long as the lictor remains allied with them.

Active Events

  • none

Silver Ravens

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