City of Kintargo




Castle District
The Castle District serves as the city’s military
headquarters, and is the seat of the city’s government.
The Greens
The Greens is Kintargo’s noble district.
Jarvis End
Jarvis End is the beating heart of Kintargo’s nightlife.
Old Kintargo
Old Kintargo is, as the name implies, Kintargo’s oldest
district. It is home to an eclectic mix of buildings.
The residences of Redroof possess a distinctive look
compared to the rest of Kintargo.
Temple Hill
The slopes of Temple Hill are home to Kintargo’s churches.
Villegre is Kintargo’s scholastic center.
Yolubilis Harbor
Yolubilis Harbor is the bustling merchants’ district of
the Silver City.

City of Kintargo

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