Hell's Rebels at Atlantis

1st Meetup

Heroes in making

We meet and decided to play Hell’s Rebels.

Currently the players and characters so far are as follows.
David as a half-elf unchained rogue,
Brandon as a human sword and board fighter,
Bryce as a Human Cleric of Milani.

Creation Rules decided;

• Level: 1
• Stats: (roll 4d6 drop lowest) six times, place in any order.
• HP: max first level
• Wealth: average starting gold as per class
• Races: Core plus Aquatic Elf, Strix, Tengu, and Tiefling.
• Classes: any paizo
• Traits: Hell’s Rebels Campaign Trait + one other
• Drawback: you may take a drawback for an extra trait, however I have the right to veto certin drawback on a per character basis.
• Background: I would like a background, but at least let me know what Campaign trait your taking and your reason for going to the protest.


shadethedemon shadethedemon

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